Greta Puppy Pictures

Well, in case you haven’t heard, Mom did it again. She adopted a German Shepherd puppy after I told her NO MORE PUPPIES. Greta was our foster puppy, and then she stayed with us!

Here are pictures of our LAST PUPPY. Seriously Mom, no more puppies– as the oldest dog in the house, I have trained THREE PUPPIES, and each one is bigger than the last!

This is Greta’s shelter picture. Greta’s from a rough shelter (but with great volunteers!) in Kentucky.

Early pictures of Greta



Greta and me (Emily)– HA! They always get bigger. I knew this was trouble when Greta was just a little smaller than me when she was 3.5 months.

Greta and Daisy playing. Daisy was from the same shelter as Greta. Daisy was there with her sister, but her sister got adopted. Daisy was then in a puppy cage alone, so we took her as a second foster. Daisy stayed with us for two weeks and was adopted to Maryland. Greta and Daisy had an awesome time together– fostering two was a great decision.

Daisy Greta

Daisy Greta

Greta Daisy


Finally, here is Greta posing on the front step on her first day of dog school. She’s holding Mr. Dog who she picked out herself at the local pet store (no pets sold, only pet supplies!).


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